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Ryan Schroeder Fine Art
Born                 1985
2006-2009     Laguna College of Art and Design, B.F.A
2003-2006     Saddleback College
2009    LCAD Senior Fine Art Show, 7 Degrees, Laguna Beach,                
2008    The Esther Wells Collection Laguna Beach, CA.
2008    Hanae Mori Perfume design finalist, Bloomingdales South            
            Coast Plaza, Newport Beach, CA
2008    Best of the Best" Annual Juried Student Exhibition
      Laguna Beach, CA.
2007    Laguna college of Art and Design Summer Gallery,
 Laguna Beach, CA.
Selected Collections
 Mr. And Ms. Jim Robertson, Apple Valley, CA
 Mrs. Betty Shelton, Laguna Niguel, CA
 Mrs. Darlene Campbell, Laguna Beach, CA
 Mrs. Susan Offield Laguna Beach, CA
 Mrs. Karen Wiechert Capistrano Beach, CA
 Mr. Ted Pala, Carona Del Mar, CA  
 Mr. And Ms. Charles Christensen San Clemente, CA
 Mrs. Angela Howard Anahiem Hills, CA
  Artist Statement
When painting a simple still life I am using the basic formal concepts of art making focusing on the ideas of form and placement. I am exploring the idea of placement in two distinct ways. The first way is in illusionary space, as a means to create depth and hierarchy within the paining. Second is in the actual space, which is the format of the picture plane and the objects relationship to it. In experimenting with these things I hope to engage the viewer to contemplate the very ideas about what constructs an image.
 My current series explores this idea of art as a process of constructing images. By reducing my subject down to little more than forms in space, repeating my use of specific objects, and depicting each object life sized, the focus of the work becomes the composition of the objects rather than the individual object itself.  
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